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Технически характеристики:

Дървесните пелети притежават следните качества: ∙ Калоричност от около 4,8 kWh/kg (17 000 kJ/kg),
2 t пелети произвеждат енергия, колкото около 1000 l течно гориво (мазут)
∙ Обемна плътност 650 kg/m³
∙ Влагосъдържание 10 %
∙ Пепелосъдържание под 0,5 % при висококачествени пелети

  • Клас А1
  • ДЪБ/БУК (80%)+ БОР (20%)
  • Kcal/kg 5200
  • Влага 5,4%
  • Общо 1050 кг/палет
  • Пепел 0,42%
  • Сяра 0,020%
  • В чували по 15 кг
  • 70 броя в палет
  • Добре стречован палет с найлонов капак против влага

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DESCRIPTION / Technical specification

Premium grade A1 pellets, manufactured by the Swiss brand AVIA. Input raw material - 100% wood (80% beech and 20% coniferous trees), with no lids or waste materials added. Permanently guaranteed quality in accordance with European requirements for dust, moisture, density, calorific value.


Pellet Indicators AVIA:

SIZE: 15kg

Diameter: 6mm

Length: 3.15mm ≤ L ≤ 40mm

Calorific value: 16,5 ≤ Q ≤ 19 MJ / kg

Humidity: ≤ 10%

Ash: ≤ 0.7%


Advantages of AVIA pellets.

When buying AVIA pellets, you can rely on the highest quality. Since only high quality wood pellets provide the required calorific value and heat with the minimum amount of pellets. Poor products have lower calorific value, leave a lot of ash and burn very quickly, on the other hand, they can block the conveyor system and even damage it.
Our delivery to address service is very convenient and saves your time and money.
We offer you the opportunity to consult and order by phone. Our consultants will be glad to help you make your order and, if necessary, give you tips for storage.
The pellets come from the Etropole Balkan, instead of being transported for thousands of kilometers, to use thousands of liters of diesel fuel for transport. This supports regional forestry.
Wood pellets are produced at the regional level. There are no environmental hazards, neither during production nor during transport.
The price of wood pellets develops independently of the oil and gas market. While oil and gas prices are constantly rising in the long run, pellets are a "safe" raw material. Since wood pellets can be very well transported and stored as standardized packaged material, compared to biogenetic fuels such as firewood, coal, etc.


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AVIA Pellets дървесни пелети клас А1 100% дървесина. Цени директно от производител.