The main activity of the factory is the production of wood pellets for heating. It was built and put into operation in June 2018 in the town of Etropole. Pellet production uses wood from the Etropole Balkan, which accounts for 80% Beech and 20% Bor. The factory is equipped with high-tech and high-quality machines and facilities of leading companies, allowing precise and constant quality control.

AVIA pellets are made from 100% wood. High-quality and controlled production without the addition of bran, bark and bonding chemicals. Permanently guaranteed quality, providing warmth and comfort during the coldest seasons.

Hot Star is an exclusive distributor of pellets for the Swiss brand AVIA in Bulgaria.

Pellets meet the European A1 certificate.


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AVIA Pellets дървесни пелети клас А1 100% дървесина. Цени директно от производител.